The Company will continue to establish itself as a leading performer in the services we deliver, projects we execute, marketing, distribution and execution of all the brands we trade in, with ongoing quality improvement and global benchmarking of excellence, in terms of sustained growth in revenue and profits - characterized by values of integrity, entrepreneurial team spirit, recognition and celebration.
To consistently pursue distinct paths to generate market-beating levels in terms of profitability, growth, outperformance and regional positioning for the future and to establish and nurture cultures that emphasize biased dedication and undivided commitment to all constituencies of the business: customers, shareholders, and employees with hands-on and value-driven management, and communication of the core values and purpose.
SAFWAN Trading & Contracting Company has come a long way since its inception in 1963 and finds itself proudly privileged on being able to have introduced many of the 'firsts' of the pharmaceutical quality products within the country and other parts of the region - and has lately ventured, branched out and established cross-border businesses in Iraq, with ambitious plans to expand further. Read More

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